Portuguese water dog price, Health, Care and Get all the information here! (2023)

Portuguese water dog Price

Portuguese water dog price range: Portuguese Water Dogs, with their charming personalities and distinctive appearance, have become increasingly sought after as family pets. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of Portuguese Water Dogs, uncovering not only their endearing traits but also shedding light on the factors influencing their price.

Portuguese water dog Price range

The pricing range for a Portuguese Water Dog can change drastically depending on a number of different criteria. The price of a Portuguese Water Dog puppy can range anywhere from $3,000 to $3,700 when it is obtained from a breeder with a good reputation. It’s possible that puppies of show caliber might cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000. To your good fortune, there is also the possibility of adopting a Portuguese Water Dog, which can help you prevent financial losses.

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Portuguese water dog puppy Price range

The Portuguese Water Dog is often regarded as one of the pricier dog breeds available for purchase. On average, the cost of acquiring a pet-quality puppy from a reputable breeder typically falls in the range of $2,000 to $3,000 USD. However, if you’re looking for a Portuguese Water Dog with top-notch breed lines and an exceptional pedigree, the price can elevate to approximately $4,000 to $6,000 USD. It’s important to note that various factors, including the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s lineage, and the region, can influence the specific pricing within these general ranges. Potential buyers should also consider additional costs such as vaccinations, grooming, and initial supplies when budgeting for a new Portuguese Water Dog puppy.

Portuguese water dog price influencing factors

Portuguese water dog price influencing factors
Portuguese water dog price influencing factors

The cost of a Portuguese Water Dog can vary significantly and is influenced by various factors:

Breeder Reputation:

Reputable breeders, known for ethical practices and prioritizing the health of their dogs, generally charge higher prices for their Portuguese Water Dog puppies.


The lineage and bloodline of a Portuguese Water Dog play a significant role in determining its price. Dogs with impressive pedigrees, including championship titles in their ancestry, often come with higher price tags.

Coat Color and Markings:

The coat color of a Portuguese Water Dog can impact its price, as some colors are considered more desirable than others. Unique markings or distinctive coat patterns may also influence the overall cost.


Prices can vary based on geographic location. In regions with a higher cost of living, Portuguese Water Dogs may be more expensive.

Health Screening:

Reputable breeders invest in health testing for their breeding dogs to minimize the risk of genetic health issues in the puppies. Dogs born from parents with comprehensive health screening may be priced higher.

Breeding Costs:

The costs incurred by the breeder, including veterinary care, vaccinations, and socialization efforts, are reflected in the price of the Portuguese Water Dog puppies. These costs contribute to the overall well-being and quality of the puppies.

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How Much Does a Portuguese Water Dog Cost Per Month?

Owning a Portuguese Water Dog comes with a significant monthly financial commitment. In addition to the initial acquisition and setup costs, here’s a breakdown of the expected monthly expenses for caring for a Portuguese Water Dog:

1. Health Care Costs: $145–$500 per month

The monthly health care costs can vary based on the overall health of your Portuguese Water Dog. Regular veterinary visits and potential medications contribute to the higher end of this range.

2. Food Costs: $75–$100 per month

Depending on factors like age and activity level, Portuguese Water Dogs typically consume between 2.5 to 3.5 cups of food daily. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your dog.

3. Grooming Costs: $10–$100 per month

Despite minimal shedding, regular brushing is necessary to prevent knots. If their coat requires professional attention, grooming costs may increase. Additionally, regular dental care and nail clipping contribute to grooming expenses.

4. Medications and Vet Visits: $15–$200 per month

Monthly medication and veterinary costs can vary. Budgeting for essentials like heartworm pills and taurine supplements, which strengthen the heart muscle, is crucial.

5. Pet Insurance Costs: $45–$100 per month

The cost of pet insurance varies based on location and breed. Given the potential health conditions in Portuguese Water Dogs, investing in insurance can help cover medical expenses.

6. Entertainment Costs: $20–$40 per month

Portuguese Water Dogs thrive on attention and stimulation. Providing chew toys, puzzle toys, and a monthly subscription box can help keep them physically and mentally engaged.

Total Monthly Cost: $170–$560

The overall monthly expense for a Portuguese Water Dog can be substantial. Ensuring your family can commit to this financial responsibility is crucial to avoid future stress and ensure the well-being of your canine companion.

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Portuguese water dog Price India

Portuguese Water Dogs are becoming popular pets in India. Portuguese Water Dogs cost 50,000 to 1,50,000 Indian Rupees or more in India. The price depends on the breeder’s repute, the dog’s pedigree, and India’s growing desire for this unusual breed.

Portuguese water dog price in Canada

Canadians love Portuguese Dogs for their loyalty and friendliness. Portuguese Water Dogs cost $2,000–$4,000 or more in Canada, same like in the US. As in other nations, breeder reputation and dog pedigree affect price.

Portuguese water dog Price UK

The United Kingdom has become more interested in Portuguese swimming Dogs because they are friendly and good at swimming. You can expect to pay at least £1,500 to £2,500 for a Portuguese Dog in the UK.

Portuguese water dog Price Ontario

People in Ontario like Portuguese Water Dogs because they are smart, obedient, and eager to please their owners. The cost of a Portuguese Water Dog in Ontario is about $2,400 on average. This relies on the reputation of the breeder, the dog’s family tree, and the puppy’s personality. The breeder’s morals, the health tests done on the dogs, and any extra services offered before adoption, like shots and spaying or neutering, may also affect the prices.

Portuguese water dog Price USA

Portuguese Water Dogs are popular in the US for their intelligence and flexibility. Portuguese Water Dogs cost $2,000–$4,000 or more in the US. Breeder reputation, dog pedigree, and location affect price.

Portuguese water dog Price Philippines

Portuguese Water Dog prices in the Philippines depend on numerous factors. Portuguese Water Dog puppies cost $1,500 to $2,500 from reliable breeders. Superior lineages may cost $3,500 or more. These dogs are athletic and diligent, making them great pets for active families. Adopting or buying a Portuguese Water Dog entails financial investment and the delight of a faithful dog friend!

Portuguese water dog Price Ireland

A Portuguese Water Dog’s cost in Ireland might change depending on a number of things. Due to their rarity and the required health testing for the parents, a Portuguese Water Dog puppy from a respectable breeder can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000.

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Portuguese water dog adoption

Portuguese water dog adoption
Portuguese water dog adoption

Adopting a Portuguese Water Dog is a compassionate and responsible way to welcome one of these wonderful dogs into your life. Here’s a brief overview of the adoption process and what you can anticipate:

  1. Research: Begin by researching local animal shelters, rescue organizations, and breed-specific rescues that may have Portuguese Dogs available for adoption. Online platforms and websites dedicated to pet adoption can also be valuable resources.
  2. Contact Rescues: Reach out to these organizations to inquire about available dogs. They can provide you with information about the dogs’ backgrounds, temperaments, and any specific requirements they may have.
  3. Visit Shelters and Meet Dogs: If you’re in proximity to a shelter or rescue organization, visit in person to meet the dogs. Spend time interacting with them to gauge their personalities and determine if there’s a connection between you and a potential furry friend.
  4. Application and Interview: Be prepared to fill out an adoption application. Many rescue organizations will conduct interviews or home visits to ensure you’re a suitable match for the dog and can provide a safe and loving environment.
  5. Adoption Fee: There is typically an adoption fee, which may vary depending on the organization. This fee often covers the dog’s vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other veterinary care. It contributes to the overall well-being of the dog and helps support the rescue organization’s efforts.

Portuguese water dog breeders

United States:

ABC Portuguese Dogs (California)

  • Known for their commitment to breed excellence and canine care.
  • Breeding Portuguese Water Dogs with a focus on health and temperament.

PWD World (New York)

  • Renowned for their extensive knowledge of the breed.
  • Providing well-socialized Portuguese Water Dogs for loving homes.

United Kingdom:

PWD Palace (London)

  • A hub for Portuguese Water Dog enthusiasts in London.
  • Striving for breed standard adherence and genetic health.

Thames Valley PWDs (Oxfordshire)

  • Dedicated to promoting responsible breeding practices.
  • Breeding for show, work, and exceptional companionship.


Canadian PWD Association (Ontario)

  • A collective effort for promoting the breed in Canada.
  • Emphasizing health screening and ethical breeding practices.

Maple Leaf Water Dogs (Alberta)

  • Committed to the welfare and improvement of Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • Offering a range of colors and coat types.


Down Under Portuguese Dogs (Sydney)

  • Bringing Portuguese Water Dogs to the land down under.
  • Striving for excellence in health, temperament, and conformation.

Aussie Aqua Dogs (Melbourne)

  • Passionate about promoting the breed’s versatility.
  • Breeding for both companionship and participation in water activities.


Indian Water Dog Haven (Delhi)

  • Pioneering Portuguese Water Dog breeding in India.
  • Focused on creating a community of responsible dog owners.

Mumbai PWD Pals (Mumbai)

  • Committed to the socialization and well-being of Portuguese Water Dogs.
  • Encouraging responsible ownership and breeding practices.

Portuguese water dog size

Portuguese water dog size
Portuguese water dog size

Portuguese Water Dogs are classified as medium-sized dogs. Typically, males have a shoulder height ranging from 20 to 23 inches (51-58 cm), whereas females are a bit smaller, standing between 17 to 21 inches (43-53 cm). In terms of weight, male Portuguese Water Dogs usually weigh between 42 to 60 pounds (19-27 kg), while females are slightly lighter, with a weight range of 35 to 50 pounds (16-23 kg). These dogs typically reach their full adult size at approximately 12 to 18 months of age, at which point they are considered fully grown and have developed their mature appearance.

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Portuguese water dog temperament

If you’re in search of an affectionate, protective, energetic, and intelligent hypoallergenic dog, the Portuguese Water Dog (Portie) is an excellent choice. These dogs are well-suited for individuals with a love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Despite their abundant energy, Porties are known for their good behavior inside the home. They possess athletic prowess without displaying hyperactive tendencies, allowing them to engage in outdoor activities all day while being trainable to remain calm indoors.

Portuguese Water Dogs are not only energetic companions but also great with children, making them wonderful family pets. Despite their friendly nature, they exhibit excellent watchdog qualities due to their protective instincts. Forming strong bonds with their human family members, Porties thrive when included as integral parts of the family dynamic. Their intelligence and adaptability make them not only enjoyable companions but also trainable to meet the specific needs and preferences of their owners.

Are Portuguese water dog hypoallergenic

Portuguese Water Dogs are considered hypoallergenic. Their curly or wavy coats tend to trap loose hair and dander, reducing the amount of allergens released into the environment. However, individual reactions can vary, so spending time with a Portuguese Water Dog before bringing one home is advisable. Let’s delve into the details about Portuguese Water Dogs and their hypoallergenic qualities.

Coat Type:

  • Portuguese Water Dogs have a distinctive coat that can be either curly or wavy. This unique coat texture plays a significant role in their hypoallergenic nature.
  • The curls or waves help trap loose hair and dander close to the skin, preventing them from being released into the environment.
  • Unlike some other breeds, Portuguese Water Dogs do not shed excessively, which further reduces the spread of allergens.

Allergens and Sensitivity:

  • When people refer to a dog as “hypoallergenic,” they mean that the dog is less likely to cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.
  • However, it’s essential to understand that no dog breed is entirely hypoallergenic. Allergies vary from person to person, and individual reactions depend on factors like the person’s immune system and the specific proteins they are sensitive to.
  • Portuguese Water Dogs produce fewer allergens than some other breeds, making them a better choice for people with mild to moderate allergies.

Grooming and Maintenance:

  • Regular grooming is crucial for maintaining the hypoallergenic properties of a Portuguese Water Dog’s coat.
  • Brushing the coat frequently helps remove loose hair and prevents matting.
  • Professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks is recommended to keep the coat in optimal condition.

Spending Time with the Breed:

  • Before bringing a Portuguese Water Dog home, spend time with one to assess your sensitivity to their dander and saliva.
  • Visit a breeder or meet Portuguese Water Dogs at dog shows or events.
  • Some people may still experience allergic reactions despite the breed’s hypoallergenic qualities, so personal experience is essential.

Other Considerations:

  • While the coat plays a significant role, other allergens (such as saliva and urine) can still trigger reactions.
  • Regular bathing and cleaning the dog’s living area can help minimize allergens.
  • Consult with an allergist if you have severe allergies to determine if a Portuguese Water Dog is a suitable choice for you.

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Interesting Facts

  1. Actor Raymond Burr was an early supporter of Portuguese Water Dogs, owning several from the Miller’s stock and playing a role in establishing the breed in the United States.
  2. Two notable Portuguese Water Dogs in America are Bo and Sunny, who gained fame as the family dogs of President Barack Obama during his two-term presidency in the White House. In 2008, President Obama promised his daughters Sasha and Malia a dog, and Bo became a part of the Obama family in 2009. Sunny joined them later in 2013.
  3. Despite their name suggesting proficiency in water activities, it might take Portuguese Water Dog puppies some time to get used to water, as highlighted in a segment from Animal Planet’s “Too Cute.” This showcases that, like any dog breed, individual dogs may have varying reactions to water, and early exposure and positive experiences can play a role in their comfort and confidence in aquatic environments.

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