Plott Hound prices, Health, Care and Get all the information here! (2023)

Plott Hound prices

Plott Hound prices: You want to adopt a Plott Hound, but you don’t know how much they cost. It is the best choice you will ever make to buy a Plott Hound. The Plott Hound is a German-American dog breed that is also known as the Plott. It has strong hunting skills. Because it can handle rough conditions well, it is a loyal and tough friend. If they aren’t trained well, Plott Hounds can be mean, especially to strangers.

But if you can train them to trust you, they make great dogs. Because they like to be in charge, you should have owned dogs before and be a strong boss. You will see how protective and loyal these Plott Hounds can be in this way, especially if you like to hunt. Here is a full list of Plott Hound prices.

When You Buy Plott Hound Puppies

Plott Hound prices
Plott Hound prices

Are you ready for the challenge of owning a Plott Hound? While they’re not excessively challenging, there are important considerations before taking on the responsibility. Plott Hounds are known for being headstrong and confident, making them a bit stubborn to train, especially as they get older. Proper training, whether professional or at home, is crucial for successfully raising a Plott Hound puppy. Additionally, these dogs require ample space and are considered one of the top breeds for outdoor living, not suitable for apartments or close living quarters.

Despite appearing laid-back indoors, Plott Hounds are highly active outdoors, needing mental stimulation and physical activity. It’s also important to note that if you desire a quiet dog, a Plott Hound may not be the best choice. They are bold and fearless, expressing their courage with a loud, distinctive howl. Overcoming these challenges, Plott Hounds can make wonderful additions to your family.

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Plott Hound prices

Plott Hound prices
Plott Hound prices

Finding purebred Plott Hound puppies can be challenging, especially if you’re outside an area where hunting is part of the local culture. Plott Hound litters typically consist of six to ten puppies. The cost of a Plott Hound is generally in the range of $500 to $700, and their lifespan is around 12 to 13 years. The actual price may vary depending on the breeder’s location and your own.

Adopting a Plott Hound from a shelter typically costs $50 to $300, covering the expenses of caring for the dog before adoption. Purchasing from a breeder can be more expensive, ranging from $300 to $700 based on the breeding. Dogs with exceptional bloodlines or those that are already trained may command a higher price.

Choosing to adopt from a shelter can be more economical, though it’s essential to be cautious of poorly socialized dogs, as Plott Hounds are known for their potential aggressive behavior. While it’s possible to train a dog to be less aggressive at any age, extensive socialization may not be suitable for all owners.

In addition to adoption or purchase fees, be prepared for ongoing expenses such as medical care, equipment, and food. Due to their size, Plott Hounds incur higher equipment and feeding costs compared to smaller dogs. While they are generally a healthy breed, regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and potential treatment for injuries are necessary. Keep in mind that unexpected health issues may arise, particularly in later stages of the dog’s life.

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Plott Hound Prices In Major USA Cities

City Price Range
New York City $500 – $700
Los Angeles $500 – $700
Chicago $500 – $700
Houston $500 – $700
Philadelphia $500 – $700
Phoenix $500 – $700
San Antonio $500 – $700
San Diego $500 – $700
Dallas $500 – $700
San Jose $500 – $700

Monthly Costs of Owning a Plott Hound

The monthly expenses for Plott Hounds aren’t in the middle range. Due to their medium size and high energy levels, they require a substantial amount of food. While they generally maintain good health, occasional visits to the vet may be necessary. Basic items such as shampoo and toys are essential, and these are standard costs for most puppies. The overall upkeep expenses for your dog are largely within your control.

If you opt for a dog walker or find yourself making more frequent clinic visits, you may incur a higher maintenance cost. On average, the monthly cost of caring for a Plott Hound ranges from $75 to $200.

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Plott Hound food costs

The food costs for a Plott Hound can vary based on the size of the dog and the type of food they consume. For smaller or toy-sized Plott Hounds, it’s crucial to consider the brand of food being purchased, as the quality can impact the dog’s health both in the short and long term. If you’re concerned about issues like dry skin, skin irritation, or hair loss, it’s advisable to avoid food that contains harmful chemicals, as the dog’s diet is a key factor in addressing these issues.

On a daily basis, Plott Hound puppies typically require anywhere from 1 to 3 cups of food. As they grow older, they will also need at least one bowl of water each day. A 30-pound sack of dog food, costing around $100, can provide roughly 120 servings. Depending on the dog’s daily intake, you may need to replace the supply approximately every four months. For a monthly estimate, the cost of a standard month’s supply of dog food is typically between $50 and $100.

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Plott Hound grooming cost

Plott Hounds, in general, require minimal care and regular grooming. Dog groomers typically recommend visiting a groomer four to seven times a year. Taking your dog to a skilled groomer can contribute to its overall health and well-being, involving services such as washing and shampooing, the use of hair care products, brushing and styling, teeth brushing, nail trimming, and eye and ear cleaning for dogs groomed by professionals.

The cost of grooming a Plott Hound can vary based on several factors, including the dog’s size, hair condition and health, age, temperament, and the specific services requested. On average, grooming for a Plott Hound can range from $75 to $100.

Plott Hound Veterinarian Costs

Veterinary care constitutes a significant portion of your dog’s expenses, with costs escalating rapidly in this area. Expenses include flea prevention and any necessary medications, and dogs with underlying illnesses generally incur higher costs than those without any health issues. This category is where a substantial part of your monthly expenses for your dog will be allocated.

Puppies, being in need of more preventive care than older dogs, tend to be more expensive. For a puppy, you can anticipate visiting the veterinarian about three times, encompassing vaccines, parasite prevention, and a physical examination. If your breeder has already covered the initial tests, it can save you money.

On the other hand, adults typically require only one yearly checkup for preventive care. Although this visit is more comprehensive, the costs may be slightly higher due to their increased size, including additional expenses for parasite prevention.

While puppies are generally cheaper than adults on average, the difference isn’t substantial. Most dog owners allocate around $40 a month for their pets, with a significant portion going towards veterinary appointments. A typical visit to the veterinarian may cost between $10 to $15.

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Plott Hound Pet Insurance Costs

Pet insurance is highly recommended for Plott Hounds, as they can be prone to various health issues that may incur significant expenses.

Common problems such as hip dysplasia, dental diseases, and renal dysplasia can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat. Given these potential health concerns, having insurance can provide financial protection.

Pet insurance plans come in various types. Basic plans may cover only physical injuries, such as a dog breaking a leg or sustaining a wound, without providing coverage for illnesses.

The cost of insurance for your dog can vary depending on factors such as your location and the age of your dog, with costs increasing as the dog gets older. On average, you can expect to pay around $60 per month for pet insurance to ensure coverage for potential veterinary expenses.

Plott Hound  About

History of Plott Hound

The Plott Hound has a rich history rooted in North Carolina, originating in the 1700s through the efforts of the Plott family. Initially bred for large-game hunting, particularly boar, these dogs were selectively chosen for their tenacity, fearlessness, and determination in the field. Considered one of the few breeds developed in the United States, the Plott Hound’s legacy centers around its exceptional hunting prowess.

Appearance of Plott hound Dogs

In terms of appearance, Plott Hound dogs are medium to large-sized, characterized by a robust, muscular build. They feature broad, slightly rounded heads, floppy ears, and dark, intelligent eyes. Their short, dense coats typically exhibit a brindle pattern, and their tails are carried high. With a distinctive brindle coat and an athletic appearance, Plott Hound Dogs are easily identifiable.

Plott Hound Temperament

Temperament-wise, Plott Hound Dogs are marked by unwavering loyalty and protectiveness toward their families. Their fearless and determined nature, shaped by their hunting history, may lead to reserved behavior around strangers. However, they form strong bonds with their owners. The breed’s intelligence and independent thinking can make training a unique and sometimes challenging experience.

Plott Hound Behavior

In terms of behavior, Plott Hound Dogs are known for their high energy levels and a strong prey drive, leading them to chase smaller animals. Proper socialization is crucial to ensure good compatibility with other dogs and pets. Their vocal nature involves distinctive baying or barking, particularly in hunting or alert situations. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are vital for keeping them content and well-behaved.

Are Plott Hounds Dangerous

Plott Hound Dogs are not inherently dangerous. Their behavior is largely influenced by how they are trained, socialized, and cared for by their owners. With proper guidance and responsible ownership, they can become loyal and affectionate family pets. It is crucial for owners to comprehend their unique needs and tendencies to ensure the safety of both the dog and those in their environment.

Are Plott Hounds Aggressive

Plott Hound Dogs, as a breed, are not known for inherent aggression. Nevertheless, individual temperament can vary, and aggression may arise due to factors like insufficient training, socialization, or environmental influences. Responsible ownership, coupled with the use of positive training methods, is crucial to prevent and address potential aggression issues in any dog breed.

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Plott Hounds Facts

  • Plott Hounds were first bred in the late 18th century by Johannes Georg Plott, who emigrated from Germany to North Carolina.
  • A hunter from Georgia visited North Carolina and, impressed by Plott Hounds’ skills, borrowed one to breed with his leopard-spotted dogs. This is the only known instance of introducing new blood into the Plott Hound breed.
  • All Plott Hounds are brindled, with color options including black, brown, blue, and red brindle. White markings are rare, with small amounts allowed on the chest and feet per breed standards.
  • Plott Hounds excel in police work due to their intelligence, loyalty, and scenting abilities. Guildford County Sheriff’s Department trained Plott Hound puppies as K9 deputies.
  • Designated as the state dog of North Carolina in 1989, reflecting its origin in the state.
  • Recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1946. Officially acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in 2006.
  • Plott Hounds are known for being vocal, especially when they scent prey, producing a sharp, high-pitched noise.
  • Due to their dominant tendencies, Plott Hounds require strict training and early socialization.
  • Generally healthy, but potential health conditions include hip dysplasia, Willebrand’s disease, elbow dysplasia, and hypothyroidism. Buyers can request health clearances when acquiring a Plott Hound pup.
  • Plott Hounds are a rare breed, often found in the mountains of Appalachia, especially in the Smokies. Commonly used as hunting dogs in wild parts of the United States.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the average lifespan of a Plott Hound?
    • Plott Hounds typically live between 10 to 14 years, depending on their health and care.
  2. Do Plott Hounds require a lot of exercise?
    • Yes, Plott Hounds are an active breed that benefits from regular exercise and mental stimulation.
  3. Are Plott Hounds good with children?
    • Generally, Plott Hounds are good with children when properly socialized and trained.
  4. Is pet insurance necessary for a Plott Hound?
    • While not mandatory, pet insurance can help cover unexpected veterinary expenses.
  5. Can Plott Hounds adapt to apartment living?
    • Plott Hounds can adapt to apartment living if provided with sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.

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