Bear Coat Shar Pei dog breed: 15 Facts New Owners Need to Know!

Bear Coat Shar Pei dog breed

When it comes to exceptional and beloved dog breeds, the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog truly shines as a precious find. This breed has won the affections of countless dog enthusiasts thanks to its distinct appearance and delightful temperament. If you’re contemplating the idea of welcoming a Bear Coat Shar Pei into your life, there are crucial details you must be aware of to ensure a joyful and thriving bond with your furry friend.

1#What is a Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

A Bear Coat Shar Pei represents an exclusive and singular breed of Shar Pei, distinguished by its luxurious, lengthy, and velvety fur, resembling the charming visage of a teddy bear. In stark contrast to its Shar Pei counterparts, boasting terse and coarse coats, the Bear Coat Shar Pei adorns itself with a fur mantle that conceals its distinctive wrinkles, endowing it with an irresistibly cuddlesome allure.

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2 #Where does the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog come from?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei originated in China, where the Shar Pei breed was used as a fighting dog and a guard dog for centuries. The Shar Pei breed was almost extinct in the 20th century due to political and social turmoil in China, but was saved by a man named Matgo Law, who appealed to the American Kennel Club and other organizations to help preserve the breed2. The Bear Coat Shar Pei is a result of a recessive gene that both parents need to carry, and has a 1 in 4 chance of being born from normal coat parents.

3 #What are the physical characteristics of the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The lineage of the Bear Coat Shar Pei can be traced back to China, where the Shar Pei breed served as both a formidable fighting companion and a steadfast guardian throughout centuries of history. The Shar Pei breed faced the brink of extinction during the tumultuous 20th century, a consequence of political and societal upheaval in China. However, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of a dedicated individual named Matgo Law, who earnestly beseeched the American Kennel Club and other prominent organizations to step in and safeguard this remarkable breed from vanishing into obscurity.

The Bear Coat Shar Pei’s distinct appearance and endearing fur are the result of a recessive gene, necessitating both parent dogs to carry this unique genetic trait. The birth of a Bear Coat Shar Pei from parents with standard coats presents a 1 in 4 chance, underlining the rarity and cherished nature of this remarkable canine.

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4 #What is the temperament of the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei is a loyal, intelligent, and independent dog that loves its family and is protective of them. It can be aloof and wary of strangers, and may not get along well with other dogs or pets. It needs early socialization and training to overcome its stubbornness and aggression. It is also sensitive and affectionate, and enjoys being close to its owners.

5 #How much exercise does the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog need?

Bear Coat Shar Pei dog need
Bear Coat Shar Pei dog need

The Bear Coat Shar Pei is an active dog that needs daily exercise to keep it healthy and happy. It enjoys walks, hikes, games, and playtime with its family. It can also adapt to apartment living as long as it gets enough mental stimulation and attention. It does not tolerate heat well due to its thick coat, so it should be kept cool and hydrated in warm weather.

6 #How do you groom the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei requires regular grooming to keep its coat clean and free of mats and tangles. Regular grooming is paramount for the Bear Coat Shar Pei to maintain its resplendent appearance and overall well-being. A weekly brushing regimen with a slicker brush or a pin brush is advised, ensuring the luscious coat remains in impeccable condition. Additionally, a monthly bath with a gentle shampoo helps keep the fur pristine.

Proper care extends beyond the coat – it’s essential to attend to other aspects of the Bear Coat Shar Pei’s hygiene. Regular ear cleaning, trimming of nails, brushing of teeth, and diligent wrinkle maintenance are indispensable practices to safeguard against infections and promote optimal health.

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7 #What are the health issues of the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei is prone to some genetic and hereditary health issues that affect the Shar Pei breed in general. Some of these include eye problems such as entropion, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal dysplasia; skin problems such as allergies, dermatitis, pyoderma, and skin fold infections; joint problems such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, and arthritis; and immune system problems such as amyloidosis, hypothyroidism, demodectic mange, and Shar Pei fever.

8 #What is Shar Pei fever?

Shar Pei fever is a serious condition that affects some Shar Peis, including the Bear Coat variety. Amyloidosis arises from the unusual accumulation of amyloid protein within vital organs, with a pronounced predilection for the kidneys and liver. This condition manifests a spectrum of distressing symptoms, including heightened body temperature, swelling in the hocks, pervasive lethargy, diminished appetite, episodes of vomiting and diarrhea, severe dehydration, and, in the gravest cases, organ failure. Timely and judicious intervention through medication and fluid therapy is imperative to avert the potential fatality associated with this ailment.

9 #How do you train the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei is a smart dog that can learn quickly if trained properly. It needs consistent, firm, but gentle guidance from an experienced and confident owner who can establish themselves as the leader. It responds well to positive reinforcement methods such as praise, treats, and toys, and does not tolerate harsh or physical punishment. It also needs early and frequent socialization with people, animals, and situations to prevent it from becoming aggressive or fearful.

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10 #How do you feed the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei needs a high-quality and balanced diet that meets its nutritional needs and prevents obesity and health problems. It should be fed twice a day with measured portions of dry or wet food that is appropriate for its age, size, and activity level. It should also have access to fresh water at all times. It may have food allergies or sensitivities, so it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before choosing a food brand or type.

11 #What are the colors of the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei can have any color or pattern that is possible in the Shar Pei breed. Some of the common colors are black, brown, cream, red, fawn, sable, blue, lilac, apricot, and chocolate. Some of the common patterns are solid, spotted, brindle, parti-color, and dilute.

12 #What is the meaning behind the colors of the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog?

The colors of the Bear Coat Shar Pei may have some significance in Chinese culture and history. For instance, the color black is regarded as an emblem of fortune and affluence, embodying potent symbolism linked to power and wealth. Brown, on the other hand, conveys a sense of warmth and earthiness, signifying steadfastness and dependability. Cream epitomizes purity and elegance, reflecting notions of beauty and grace, while red is synonymous with celebration and auspiciousness, heralding happiness and prosperity.

The color fawn, in its neutrality and natural essence, embodies harmony and equilibrium, while sable, being both rare and exotic, imparts a sense of individuality and enigma. Blue is the embodiment of coolness and tranquility, serving as a symbol of wisdom and serenity. Lilac, a delicate and feminine shade, evokes sentiments of romance and gentleness. Apricot, reminiscent of the sweetness and vibrancy of fruit, resonates with feelings of joy and freshness. Lastly, chocolate, with its rich and indulgent character, alludes to a world of luxury and pleasure.

13 #Is the Bear Coat Shar Pei recognized by kennel clubs and breed standards?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei is not recognized by most major kennel clubs and breed standards as a separate type or variety of the Shar Pei breed. This is because it does not conform to the standard coat length and texture that is required for the Shar Pei breed. However, some smaller or regional clubs may accept the Bear Coat Shar Pei as a rare or alternative coat type.

14 #How much does the Bear Coat Shar Pei dog cost?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei is an expensive dog to buy due to its rarity and popularity. The mean cost of a Bear Coat Shar Pei pup from a renowned breeder may fluctuate within a span of $1,500 to $5,000 or potentially surpassing, contingent upon factors such as its excellence, pedigree, geographical setting, and the puppy’s accessibility. The pricing may also exhibit variations based on the hue, sex, dimensions, and well-being of the pup.

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15 #Is the Bear Coat Shar Pei right for you?

The Bear Coat Shar Pei emerges as an exceptional choice for individuals in pursuit of a devoted, astute, and vigilant companion with an extraordinary and endearing visage. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that this breed doesn’t align with everyone’s lifestyle. Caring for a Bear Coat Shar Pei entails a considerable investment of care, diligence, training, socialization, meticulous grooming, and regular veterinary assessments to ensure its well-being and contentment.

This breed thrives under the guidance of a seasoned and self-assured owner capable of managing its tenacity and assertiveness. It may not be the best fit for households with young children or other pets, owing to its pronounced prey drive and territorial inclinations. Additionally, potential owners should be mindful of potential health concerns, which can prove to be both financially demanding and medically intricate to address.

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